Our classes run according to the US Sailing guidelines. So they are safe, easy-learning, and most importantly, fun! We start our instruction on land. That way, students learn the essentials of sailing before they get on a boat, which eliminates any fear or intimidation of the sport. We provide the boats, safety gear and personal care to insure that every student gets the most enjoyable experience possible.


   We offer the following programs:



Sailing lessons are free to Mansfield Sailing Club members. If you are a non-member, and would like to take lessons, you must join our club. Our fees are very affordable!


$60 1-year active membership

       Per Individual or family (including children under 18 years old)

         $30 per student for class materials.



Contact Chris Clark for information about upcoming lessons

Chris Clarke

(419) 210-0400

Hello, I'm Chris Clarke, the chief sailing instructor here at Mansfield Sailing Club. I'm certified by the US Sailing Association, and I have over 20 years of sailing experience. We offer a variety of sailing lessons for all – adults, youth and groups. Learn how much fun sailing is, and join us in a class this summer!



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